Long Contour Gauge With a Lock

Contour Gauge Duplicator is a unique tool that’s making life easier for people with its innovatory specifications & features. As the name implies, it can duplicate any shape instantly with ease. There’s no need for the worker to transfer the profile to a paper or cardboard because contour gauge duplicator is here to serve this purpose. It can create an instant template for all sorts of odd-shaped profiles without a hitch. For the perfect fit and precise cutting, Contour Gauge Duplicator is certainly the best tool available in the market. 


With its smart features and specifications, this tool has been of wonderful help to its users. It has a horizontal graduated scale that is marked with proportionate divisions. The scale is graduated in inches/cm. It provides ease to a user in taking measurements. This highly useful tool is available in the following size:

Size is 5.75” x 4.13” (14.6 x 10.5 cm). It’s measuring range is 0” - 4.72” (0 - 12.0 cm)

The material used is ABS Plastic which is durable. It is an anti-rust and easy-to-use tool which performs contour duplication with high precision.


With its great features, it has made measuring and cutting of differently shaped profiles easier. The tool is also known as a “Profile Comb”. Just like a comb, it consists of a series of long, thin and moveable teeth housed in an orthogonal bar that holds them in place. With the help of these row of teeth, it takes an impression of the required surface. It easily adjusts its teeth according to the shape of the object being cut or measured. Therefore, it becomes easy to trace the periphery of any irregular surface conveniently. It smartly fits around pipes and round columns. Furthermore, it permits a precise copy of shapes to tile, laminate, wood, vinyl flooring and likewise to cut the flooring according to the desired shape.


It is perfect for measuring the mouldings for the purpose of reproducing them for use in future. It is also used for duplicating spindles on the lathe and fitting flooring around mouldings. In your house, while designing the ceiling or flooring, you design with sophistication using decorative architectural features. Usually, these cornices are at the top of the wall just under the ceiling. To measure the cornice along the top of an interior wall it becomes difficult with an ordinary tool. Here this gauge tool comes into play.

If after the completion of flooring design, you think of carpeting the floor, don’t panic about the beautifully carved edges of the wall near the floor. This contour duplication tool will take care of the contour dimensions needed to fit the carpet. Likewise, the same applies to fit tiles. One doesn’t need to worry about the estimation of dimensions of odd-shaped corners and uneven surfaces. It ensures an accurate shape replication of the object. Al in all, it can measure various sorts of profiles.


Contour Gauge Duplicator is a perfect layout tool for duplicating and measuring any irregular contours easily. The tool can be justly said, The Ultimate Template Tool because it replaces the need for making templates and can be used over and over. Overall, it is ideal for woodworking, linoleum installation, ceramic tile installation and can perform various contour matching jobs wherever needed.