Contour Gauge Duplicator Tool

Thinking of renovating the floor of your house? Great idea! You must have expertise in accurate tile cutting and carpet fitting around the wall edges. No!? Then how are you going to do it all by yourself? Here comes the Contour Gauge Duplicator with its features well-suited for your needs. This simple yet extremely helpful gauge tool assists in duplicating all kinds of odd-shaped profiles in your home. This tool has brought a revolution in the world of measurement. It has provided immense ease to the user in terms of measuring and cutting contours of all sorts.

The gauge tool comes in two design; metal design & plastic design. The plastic design is better than other profile gauges because of its durability. Also, because the plastic does not cause any scratches on the original finish or paint coating of the surface being duplicated. Therefore, recreating contour and tracing or performing operations on car body can be easily done without the fear of damaging the finish of the object.

Why Is Contour Gauge Duplicator A Must for Your Toolbox?

Contour Gauge Duplicator is a toolbox item that everyone needs to have in their homes. You might think, why is that so? Here’s the answer: Let’s say, one fine day, you decide to use your creativity and furnish a part of your home following some DIY décor videos from the internet. You might think of changing the floor or carpeting it. But when you will start putting tiles you might face a problem when you reach the end of the wall where on the footing there’s a curve cutting or some irregular shape. Same will happen with carpet fitting. You’ll be perplexed about how to make the tile fit in here and most importantly how to know the dimensions for cutting the tile? As soon as you’ll fetch your toolbox and see the contour gauge duplicator, your all queries will be immediately answered!

This amazing tool eliminates the need for transferring & tracing differently shaped profiles on to paper. All you have to do, to get the impression of a surface, is to just press the comb side of the tool against it. The teeth of the comb will adjust themselves, creating a shape by means of pins. The line formed by these pins can then be traced, measured or cut. As simple as that!

Furthermore, this tool comes handy for car bodies operations and carpentry. So, if you need a tool for matching wheel arches or car body contours, this is the tool to opt for. It enables the user to match curves and patterns instantly & precisely.


Hence, with the help of contour gauge duplicator, you can skillfully work on DIY home/car furnishing projects. Don’t you think this awesome gauge tool deserves a place in your toolbox before the start of any DIY home or car décor project?