Our offered commission rates:

10% sales from 1 to 20

12.5% for sales from 21 to 50.

15% for sales from 51 and above.

Sales are calculated which are received through your unique affiliate url (register to get your url)

You can receive payout from as little as 50 EUR earned from commission.

Our average order value (AOV) is 70 Eur.

Tools Mode gauge has a unique & branded design with functionalities which are not supported by competitors.

- Our tool has 15cm teeth (50% longer than anything on the market);

- Our tool has connectors on both sides (merge multiple tools to have 1 long tool);

- Lock lever (fix traced irregular contour with a lock to have irregular template handy at all times)

We use DHL Express couriers. Delivery in Europe is within 8 days or less. All customers receive order tracking numbers.

Our tool is designed, manufactured, assembled & shipped from Lithuania (EU). Each tool is inspected prior shipping to customers.

We offer a unique tool design which is not sold anywhere else. So, it gives you an unfair advantage to promote and sell these tools easier.


-Our tools have better functionalities comparing to any other tool in the same category;

-We handle the manufacturing & assembly of the tools, so we inspect each tool before we sell it;

-We use best quality plastic (polyamide) with 15% of glass fiber for durability;

-We ship orders via DHL Express (+tracking) with <8 days delivery to guarantee customer satisfaction.